2D toony eyes, simple teeth, minky or fleece nose and tongue

Head Extra Options:

More teeth: £10+

3D eyes: £40+

Large ears: £40+

Removable eyelids: £50+

Nostrils: £30+


Complex designs (eg; spots, stripes etc) may incur extra charges

I do not currently offer piercings

Head only                 £700+

Mini partial:

Head, basic handpaws and small-medium tail

Partial Suit Extra Options:

“Puffy” Handpaws: £100+

Outdoor Paws: £250+
Indoor footpaws: £350+

(See Head options for other extras)

Complex designs (eg; spots, stripes etc) may incur extra charges

Partial suits             £900+


Head, basic handpaws, small-medium tail, outdoor footpaws.


We don’t currently offer attached parts, all will come seperately.

Fullsuit Extra Options:

“Puffy” Handpaws: £100+
Indoor footpaws: £150+

(See Head and partial extra options for other extras)

We only offer simple plantigrade bodysuits at this time, please contact me if you’d like to confirm your design before asking for a quote

Fullsuits                £1600
Fursuit parts      case by case

Handpaws, tails, footpaws


Prices are made on a case by case basis, I have noted base prices below, but please contact us for more details!


Base pricing:

Normal Handpaws: £150+

Puffy Handpaws: £200+

Tails: £50+

Footpaws: £300+


Base price includes button closure, elasticated cuffs, ears, hood lining and a small tail


Base pricing:


Optional addons:
Will cost extra per addon
Zipper closure - longer tail - hair tuft - fur accents - pockets