Terms of Service
Please read over all of the terms before ordering


When you accept to work with me, by making your first payment you are in agreement with these terms of service.

You must be over the age of 18 to enter an agreement with me.

​I will always ask for ID with proof of age i.e. passport, photographic driving licence. I reserve the right to decline service to anyone who is unable to provide these on request. If you prove you are over 18, please do not take my assessment of the situation personally, It is only to ensure I am being lawful.



Quotes, ordering and concept art

  • I require a quote from to be filled in to give you an accurate quote. This form can be found on this site, and will only be available when I am open to take on more commissions.
  • Please provide a CLEAR 2-3 view turnaround DIGITAL reference sheet. I am available to do these on commission – please contact me (@PawssibleChaos) to discuss prices and availability.
  • You must be over the age of 18 to enter an agreement with me. I request to see a legal form of ID from all of my clients (eg, passport or driving license).
  • You will receive a response to your quote form regardless of my decision after review. If successful, along with your quote, I will inform you of estimated wait times and current status of my work, and from there you can agree or disagree to proceed to invoicing.
  • I will not recreate any previous fursuit made by myself or a different maker. Also, I will not make any copyright character (eg, disney character, pokemon, etc)
  • Prices are subject to change between commission periods but any changes made to prices will not alter any previous agreed quotes if a deposit has been submitted.
  • Any changes you ask for while work is being done that differs to the original concept will be charged a small fee (i.e, changing mind about expression etc)



  • GBP only. I accept payment through bank transfer or PayPal. This must be through your own account, as the name on your account must match your ID given previously.
  • A 30%-50% (30% for partials and fullsuits, 50% for head only) NON-REFUNDABLE deposit is required to confirm your place in the commission queue. NO EXCEPTIONS – If you decide to cancel during any point of the process, you will lose your deposit!
  • Payment plans are accepted. Although, At least 75% needs to be paid within 3 months of accepting the commission. Your costume will not be started before the 75% has been paid. Last payment needs to be paid before the fursuit is finished.
  • Shipping is NOT included in the quote.


Progress and updates

  • Progress photos will be uploaded to Twitter and Instagram.
  • Progress may be shown on TikTok videos.
  • Completely private suits will come with an extra charge of 30%.



  • I do not usually accept hard deadlines for projects. Although, for certain circumstances, deadlines will be accepted but will occur a rush charge of 10% 
  • Queue wait times can vary, depending on the complexity of the character and the length of the queue.



  • UK/Mainland shipping will be through Royal Mail (Primary) or Parcelforce (Used for expedited shipping).
  • International shipping will be through Parcelforce. This can arrive from 1 week to 3 weeks+. This varies on your country’s customs regulations.
  • Your shipping cost will be calculated before shipping and failure to provide payment will result in the costume being held by me until shipping is paid for. I will not mark a parcel as a gift or undercharge my items for international shipping. This is illegal and will not be tolerated.



  • Any initial issues I am at fault with when first receiving the costume I will gladly fix immediately. Feel free to email/DM me with any concerns.
  • Buyer will be responsible to pay for shipping each way.
  • Please understand that I am only human. No fursuit is perfect as they are handmade, but I will put all of my effort into making them as amazing as possible for each client.
  • Fursuits are built to last! Please take care while wearing, storing and cleaning.



  • Deposits WILL NOT be refunded.
  • Refunds after work has started will not be given unless in extreme circumstances.
  • Refunds before work has started will not include deposit costs. Refunds usually will not be sent until the slot has been claimed by another customer. 
  • Refunds are done in payment plans.



  • I do accept requests for "adult" (SPH) fursuits for an extra cost. Please contact me if interested.
  • I own a dog who does have access to my work room while I work (NOT unattended), so if you have allergies please take this into consideration when ordering.
  • Please be aware that by wearing a giant animal costume that your vision will be impaired, you will get warm, your dexterity will be low and your feet will be in giant fuzzy slippers; all for fun. I am not responsible for any stumbling, falling, tripping and overheating that may happen while in costume. You wear it at your own risk. Please look after yourself.



  • Payment for Kigurumis is required upfront.
  • I will only accept payment plans for very complex higher budget kigus.